Sustainable houses and energy

Sustainable houses and energy

Sustainable home consulting is based on three levels of intervention.

1 - Energy efficiency:

Energy efficiency is an issue of extreme importance when it is intended to have economically and environmentally sustainable systems. Before taking any other measure, energy efficiency allows to directly reduce energy expenditure, since not consuming is equivalent to producing.

The consultancy on energy efficiency of houses in Terra Purna allows, through interviews with the owner and field audits, to define the necessary measures to reduce energy consumption. These measures go through a set of suggestions for technical intervention and behavior. This type of consultancy applies both to construction phases and to interventions in rehabilitation processes.

2 - Sustainable Energy Systems:


It includes the set of technologies that make it possible to produce electrical energy from renewable sources.

It allows, through an analysis of the potential that exists in the field, to establish a local energy production plan based on the philosophy of distributed production, that is, local energy production and consumption. This includes decisions such as the off-grid or on-grid strategy (autonomous system with batteries or system connected to the grid with or without batteries). Energy production solutions will be as independent as possible from equipment produced by the industry, giving preference to technologies produced locally and with a high degree of sustainability, considering the total life cycle (from manufacturing to disposal).

In a community context, network solutions such as micro-grids can also be considered, enabling the formation of genuine networks of energy producers and consumers.

3 - Integral Homes:

An integral house consists of a house of zero energy and zero waste, that is, a house well integrated in the surrounding space produces its energy and treats its waste, maintaining high levels of comfort, minimum environmental impact and providing high health rates to their occupants. The components of the consulting and the integral houses project may include:


  • Integration in the surrounding space.
  • Passive solar architecture.
  • Bio materials.
  • Natural ventilation.
  • Natural lighting.
  • Local energy production systems.
  • Domotics in the energy management.
  • Water management.
  • Local waste treatment.
  • Geobiological analysis.

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