Permaculture solutions

Permaculture solutions

Permaculture consulting, unlike permaculture design, mainly addresses the counseling and monitoring of permaculture methodologies at the implementation level. The methodologies and elements that can be worked on are:

  •     Permanent and regenerative agriculture: from the permanent garden to the edible forest
  •     Water management systems
  •     Local systems for natural waste treatment
  •     Sustainable housing: bio-climatic planning and natural building techniques
  •     Local energy production

The methods of permanent and regenerative agriculture are intended for farmers who wish to recover the noble function of the farmer as the guardian and regenerator of life, to all who feel the responsibility of cultivating health and happiness, evolving into more responsible ways of producing food taking care people and nature. Permanent agriculture, the initial meaning of the term Permaculture, consists of a sustainable agricultural production method that seeks to develop crops with a permanent structure, using a beneficial association of tendentially perennial plant species, having as its apex the edible forest. Regenerative agriculture seeks, as the name implies, to regenerate land through the processes of succession of plant species in order to recover the natural balance.

At water management level, careful planning of capture, storage and distribution should be done, with emphasis on water infiltration systems, aquatic environments, accumulation in reservoirs, etc.

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