Permaculture design and solutions

Permaculture design and solutions

We make Permaculture designs of rural and urban living spaces.


Permaculture design is a methodology for planning human habitats in harmony with nature based on optimizing the use of space and resources in a functional way.


A Permaculture design allows:


  •     Create closed-loop systems with low waste rate
  •     Optimize asset management and space utilization efficiency
  •     Find low cost solutions
  •     Generate abundance by creating productive but sustainable solutions
  •     Improve perception about place and integration between the individual and his / her environment
  •     Develop resilience and reduce economic dependence
  •     Regenerate natural resources and live in harmony with the planet

By developing the interconnected relationship between functional elements it is possible to achieve very high levels of abundance with great resilience.


The elements that can be worked on are:

  •     Permanent and regenerative agriculture: from the permanent garden to the edible forest
  •     Water management systems
  •     Ecological systems for waste treatment
  •     Sustainable housing: bio-climatic planning and natural building techniques
  •     Local energy production

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