Management of responsible organizations

Management of responsible organizations

We put at the service of any organization the possibility of improving its management to achieve the three objectives that we believe every organization should and can pursue: being profitable, caring for people and caring for the planet.

To be profitable from the economic or social point of view, means to carry out an economic or social activity in a way that ensures its subsistence over time and is able to face the challenges presented to it. For this, creativity is essential and give the best of ourselves, which will make us find the best alternative and solution to the situations that arise.

Caring for people means caring for those who dedicate themselves every day to the organization, whether they are workers or volunteers, taking into account their abilities, interests and motivation so that they can give their best in carrying out their work. Your needs and expectations are valued to reward your dedication. In addition, it takes care of any person who has relations with the organization, whether customers, suppliers, partners, donors, other organizations, etc. to cover their needs and desires and to collaborate in their general welfare.

Caring for the planet is just as important as the previous two. Our temporal and spatial existence depends on nature and respect for biodiversity and fertility is fundamental to being sustainable and caring for people. Just as nature itself does, responsible organizations give back to the planet what they take from it. Or seen from another point of view, if we respect the principles of nature, we will receive what we need, we can participate of the Abundance.

We offer consulting services and implementation of practices and processes to all types of organizations that want to be responsible and sustainable. We can help you in all phases of the management and management process, from the constitution process to the design of strategies, marketing or normal operation and relations with employees, customers, suppliers or public institutions.

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