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Permaculture is a design methodology for sustainability. In permaculture, we observe the natural patterns inherent in nature, and through certain functional and relational management techniques of the place and the resources, in order to reach high resilience levels with low environmental impact. However, permaculture is also a philosophy with its own ethic; summarized in three principles: earth care, people care and fair share. It goes without saying, that permaculture is also fundamentally about trying to live here, on this planet, and right now, at this moment in history.


At the heart of any resilient permaculture project lies a well thought design, which utilises the four energies of earth, wind, fire, and water, in order to get the most from the land with little or no damage being a core priority. Permaculture gives you the oportunity to develop an action-plan that we can use to create sustainable family-living spaces that can give integral education to your children, intentional rural or urban communities, and management of responsible organizations.