Rebuilding the little stone house



With the objective of making a storehouse for the family garden we recovered a small stone ruin that was in the ground. It must have been an animal house, built simply stone on stone without any mortar.


Structure and plaster:

The recovery strategy consists of maintaining the technique of two waters roof and reinforcing the walls with cement between the stones that were being detached. In the exterior the rustic stone is maintained and in the interior was applied a clay and straw plaster, later painted with aerial lime.



It is an experience of living roof, made with several layers, as is common.

The skeleton consists of a central chestnut beam and transverse beams at a distance of 50 cm. The liner was made with common cane that was covered with a mortar of lime, sand and straw. Then, a layer of insulation made with cork was applied on which was put a waterproof fabric. The entire surface was then covered with geotextile cloth, on top of which was applied a layer of expanded clay (as drainage) and a thin layer of soil.

The water outlet of the roof was made with a 2 "PEBD drainage tube bored at the top and wrapped in a geotextile cloth so that the holes do not clog.