There are three areas of work, here at Terra Purna:

- Everyday tasks related to the general maintenance of the place (and of course the people!): cooking, cleaning, etc.

- Helping with a specific task we are focussing on during certain periods of time.

- You can also collaborate with us on tasks related to a specific element of the project. For example: designing innovative energy systems, reproducing plants, tree and garden maintenance, investigative work about mushroom production, etc. You can also propose a line of work!

We just finished building a round house made of straw bales and clay.

Next task we want to achieve are:
- Maintenance in the forest garden: mulching, water, weeding...
- Vegetable garden maintenance: harvesting, planting, seed keeping...
- Build a bioseptic water treat plant.
- Build the chicken place.
- Painting
- Swales digging.

People with knowledge and experience of permaculture are also always welcome here at Terra Purna. A big plus would be to find people that also believe in these kind of projects - the global movement of ecoliving and spaces for resilient living.
We prefer volunteers stay with us for a minimum of 14 days, because this allows you to get to know us and the way we work here at Terra Purna. Longer stays are, of course, possible by arrangement and providing everything works out for everyone involved.

The roulette where we lived for two years is now empty and available. Is very comfortable but have no heater inside.

You can also provide your own space for sleeping. We have a campsite space with a tent and you can also bring your own. There is enough space for a van or caravan if you bring one. We have showers with hot water in summer time (for winter, heating system is coming) and a compost toilet (already finished:-).

If you can't come here but still want to collaborate and help out, you can help in the following ways:

- Help reviewing the English version of our web site.

- Help editing a promotional video of the project.

We try to be synchronised with nature at Terra Purna. We aim to adapt our life to celebrate the cycles of the Sun, the Moon and the seasons of the year. A typical day in Terra Purna starts when the sun rises. We practice an hour of yoga and after that we have breakfast. During the morning, we focus on the everyday maintenance (which is a constant and ongoing priority) and any specific tasks that we are working on. We have lunch at around 2pm and rest until around 5pm (in summer) when it is not too hot. During the evening we do more light jobs or we enjoy free time. We have dinner at sunset. We eat vegetarian food only. After dinner we like to talk, play music, watch a movie or read. We also really enjoy looking at the amazing sky we have here at night.

Terra Purna is situated into the Taejo Internatinal Park. It is a very wild area, full of animals and plants native to the Mediterranean forest. It is a perfect place for watching birds, such as eagles or vultures. Near by, there are also many sacred and ancient places, such as dolmens (megalithic tombs), and menhirs (large upright standing stones). There are also plenty of other activities to do in your free time, such as: riding a bike, climbing, taking a dip in the natural swimming pool near the border to Portugal, or visit the nice portuguese villages of Marvao and Castelo de Vide. This is also a very special place if you are interested in astro-tourism.

The nearest town is 1km away, and we are 6km far from Valencia de Alcántara, where there are all the services you can need.

With a normal car, you can get to our place very easily. By public transport, there is a daily train that connects Valencia de Alcantara with Madrid, and also daily buses to Caceres city. If you come from Portugal, Castelo de Vide and Portalegre are the nearest villages that have buses to Lisbon and other big cities.

What to bring:
- Work gloves
- Work shoes. Rubber boots in winter would be a very good idea.
- A torch
- Tent, van or car to sleep in
- Sleeping bag
- Sun cream and a hat in summer
- Natural laundry powder. Please, bring only NATURAL soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

We are part of Helpx and Workaway volunteer communities.