The appropriate technologies is another of Terra Purna's lines of work .



In EcoTek Lab we investigate, develop, and share intelligent energy and automation solutions, always using the permaculture principles. Whenever possible we favor a home-made approach, reusing obsolete materials with the aim of creating simple, alternative, and responsible solutions. Using these principles to harness energy allows us to increase the resilience of Terra Purna. Because of this, we are able to avoid the consumption of expensive equipment, that is all too frequently named as sustainable. However, this equipment has a high environmental impact, if we take into account the whole cycle of its life. Frequently it is the result of strategies that aim technology and its use keep hostage by a economy view.


Our approach, on the other hand, is to produce and consume local. Our systems are hybrid systems which diversify the production, at the same time increasing their resilience; a constant goal here at Terra Purna is the attainment of resilience. All in all, the use of intelligent automation systems means that we have an efficient and self-managing form of energy and some daily tasks, for example, water the garden. This helps to contribute to a lower dependency from the outside and greater efficiency of time use. The more resilient we can be here at Terra Purna, the more free and aware we will be able to live this precious life.