When we arrived at this place we did not have electricity. We needed to pump water from the spring to a water tank in height, from where we then distribute by gravity, so we decided to build a ram pump, also known as hydraulic ram.


The water pump, whose history and principle of operation is easily found on the internet, causes an initial water fall to, through the accumulated pressure and a set of valves that generate the ram effect, propel the water to a height 10 times greater than the initial drop.


This pump was later replaced by a SHURflo electric pump of 80 watts at 24 volts. The ram operated day and night as an infernal machine for 4 months. The problem of this simple system is its low efficiency, since it is only able to pump a small part of the water, the rest being returned to its course. In our case, in which during the summer season we have to be very rigorous with the conservation of water, it is an inadequate solution. But even so, we saved the garden!