Terra Purna is a family-based integral life experience. We use permaculture and the social economy as major tools, trying to develop a  resilient way of life synchronized with the natural cycles. We also investigate techniques to live in frugal abundance tendding toward zero waste.

We believe that integral life means that human beings are able to express themselves to their maximum potential in its various components, in the way that this manifests itself in the huge diversity of activities that fills our life. It also means living with the awareness of the immensity of time and space that surround us, as with the interconnectedness of all things.

Despite being a family living space, Terra Purna wants be also a shared space, open to all who wish to be synchronized in a more natural and conscious life.

"... the question is what are we doing here. They say: be happy. I say: learn, because happiness is just a result. I feel that I have a lot to learn, yet already learned that at least there is something essential, something down-to-earth to do. At least it is to live free of fixed expenses and have a responsible strategy for a future with a resilient basic income. The first means not need money to keep me alive. The second means, express your gift in everything you do."